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The EU-financed project DataSkills4SMEs wants to help SMEs in Europe to become well acquainted with data skills that make for an efficient and easy use of the most common digital technologies.

This will be done through innovative learning methods for their employees, in order to deal properly with advanced data management linked to digital transformation and the related need to continuously upskill and reskill workers, empowering them to be ready for the future and resilient in the present.

DataSkills4SMEs will achieve this goal through the following steps:

– At first the project will perform cross-sectoral studies based on survey to be completed by SMEs across Europe. Its purpose is to provide an overview of their experience and needs across the 27 EU Member States with respect to digital innovations and data management.

– Based on the results of the studies, a learning model will be designed and implemented.

– The model will be tested through a pilot phase: SMEs employees will be able to register on a training platform to follow courses dedicated to improving and optimising the data skills identified as needed through the survey.

DataSkills4SMEs will contribute to kick-start longer-term changes and field-test innovative solutions to digital challenges face by SME employees.

The training methods the project will deliver will have the potential of becoming mainstreamed and to generate a sustainable and systemic impact on the quality of work and on the competitiveness of SMEs in Europe.