Cross-Sectorial Studies

The research activities behind the cross-sectoral studies in the EU addresses the context-specific situations and the challenges that SMEs encounter in the 27 Member States.

These studies focus on the digital transformations underway in many sectors of the economy and their implications in terms of data management, protection and sharing.

The main tool to conduct this research is a tailored survey that will address the specific priorities for SMEs, to know what they consider the most pressing needs in terms of data skills.

The results of this research will articulate in:

1. Country reports presenting overviews of challenges and advancements, and an analysis of the specific work processes that are affected by the fast-pacing technological innovations.

2. A report about SMEs’ needs in terms of training. Starting from the typical work processes, the analysis will focus on the knowledge, skills and competences that are increasingly required to handle advancements in technology and data management.

3. Recommendations for a European plan for SMEs’ human resources development and training in technology and data management.

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