Importance of Data Skills for SMEs

SMEs are the backbone of European industry: besides their clear economic values, small and medium-sized companies embody a trove of traditions that have strong social values.

The methods and techniques used in companies are often the outcome of decades, if not centuries, of traditions and family efforts. This has led to the development of highly specialised competences and traditional techniques, but also of an adaptive spirit that is eager to respond to market changes.

However companies in Europe no longer compete just with their neighbours or even other firms in their country but with all competitors on the global marketplace. It is necessary to always be on top of the latest technologies to provide the best products and to deliver the most rewarding services. In a digital world, data skills are needed to achieve such goal.

Technological progress in data management remains a critical challenge for SMEs, which often find it hard to catch up with fast innovations mainly because of inadequate available resources (financial/investments, human/upskilling, organisational/re-engineering).

Continuous professional development of SME staff is essential for business to ensure innovation and adaptability. Trainings for their team, like the ones offered by the project DataSkills4SMEs can be an effective and sustainable solutions. They permit a quick uptake and upskills of employees, leading to more efficient management of the company, to provide better products and services and to a broader awareness among potential clients.

Furthermore the training will help SMEs employees grow professionally as they will be able to use what you will learn to help their employer’s business grow. Their newly acquired skills and knowledge will be guaranteed and certified by having participated in an EU-funded project, which means they will be recognised across Europe.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Let us know how we can help so that we can set the perfect training program for your team!