The Project Handbook intends to describe how online orientation and basic learning for the improvement of data management skills can be arranged in a successful way, adequate to the needs of European SMEs, the very aim of the ERASMUS+ project DataSkills4SMEs.

The project elaborates on the pilot implementation of 4 online orientation and training courses, selected, compiled and arranged “by companies for companies” as the first step towards (and before) a structured training approach to learning in-depth knowledge and practical operations.

This orientation and essential learning – arranged for self-organised learning approaches without any tutoring or teaching method – has the purpose of helping companies to get a first overview on what are the main thematic aspects, technical features and mostly encountered problems and tries to offer first hands-on solutions, without going too much into technical details or offering already a structured and tailored approach to learning the details.

This should raise awareness of many companies about their training needs and is intended to be an excellent first step towards taking data management skills seriously into account for single companies. In this way, if the online resources also offer help to offer a series of “quick fixes and “fast wins”, then this is an intended positive side effect.

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